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Ducted Cooling

Master Gasfitters are able to offer you a range of cooling options to match their extensive range of heaters.

While having a small range of Electric "Split Systems" available, their main expertise is in Ducted Air Systems.

Two different approaches can be taken to cool your home. Ducted Evaporative Systems, which are becoming more popular in the Canberra Region, or Refrigerative Systems added in to an existing or new Gas Ducted Heating System.

With the Refrigerative Systems, a cooling coil is added into the ductwork, with the fan from the heating system providing the air flow. Slightly larger ductwork, and usually some form of zoning, is required for optimum performance of these systems.

Evaporative coolers comprise a unit on the rooftop through which air is drawn, cooled and filtered, to be delivered around the home by a duct network designed to provide up to 30 air changes per hour. The air is not retained or recirculated, rather allowed to escape from the house via open windows and doors, making way for a constant stream of fresh cooled air.

Running costs for these systems are generally less than $2.00 per day. Systems sold by Master Gasfitters can be optioned with thermostat and timer controls as well as some form of water management system.

For all types of cooling in all types of conditions, Master Gasfitters can provide you with personal service to your meet your exact needs.

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