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Ducted Heating

Ducted Heating is not a single product, rather a combination of elements designed to provide comfort through your entire home.

Ducted Heating Systems are comprised of two main components, the ductwork and the furnace. The furnaces sold by Master Gasfitters can be categorized into three groups, based on Efficiency.

Efficiency is gained through more sophisticated Burners and Heat Exchangers. More efficient furnaces cost more to purchase, but less to run, with more of the heat generated being available to you in the home rather than being lost to the atmosphere.

Master Gasfitters supply furnaces from Braemar, Brivis, Lennox and Pyrox. All of these make models in the High Efficiency (5 star) category and the 4-star mid-efficiency grouping.

Very good value is found in the 3-star mid-efficiency furnaces from Braemar, Lennox and Pyrox.

Brivis also still manufacture their "Classic" furnaces, the Buffalo and Wombat.

All models are available in differing capacities to handle different sizes of home or heating requirements. Some even adjust themselves as the heating requirements change.

Most furnaces are supplied with some type of Programmable Thermostat, with manual controls also available on base models. Air flows can also be controlled manually or by the use of motorized Zone Dampers.

Irrespective of the furnace selected, all ductwork installed by Master Gasfitters is top grade, fire rated and 10-year guaranteed.

The number of outlets installed will depend on the type and size of the areas to be heated.

Contact us to let us customise a ducted heating system for your home.

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