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Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are designed and manufactured in two major formats, Flued or Unflued. This simply refers to whether they need to be installed with a flue or not.

Flues (like chimneys) carry the combustion products from the room. The fact that Gas burns with a clean safe product means that in some situations it is fine for appropriate heaters to be installed without a flue.

In most instances in the Canberra Region, Master Gasfitters would recommend that your primary heater be of the Flued type. This will ensure that you will not encounter any condensation problems and will ensure ideal air quality at all times.

Heaters will either be of a radiant type, possibly with fan assistance, where you see a flame or cosy glow, or they will be of the convection type where warm air is blown from the unit. Some of these can heat out the rear to warm a second area at the same time.

Heaters come in a range of capacities and styles. Some free standing and some inbuilt.

Some are thermostatically controlled...some with a timer...some manually controlled...

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