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Hot Water

Hot water is one of life's essential
creature comforts.

Like all other products from Master Gasfitters there are choices to be made on the appropriate equipment to suit your home and family needs.

Storage Hot Water Systems are available from well known companies, Rheem, Vulcan, Dux and Aquamax, in a range of capacities.

Models are available that heat from as little as ninety litres to larger commercial units that can deliver as much as 1000 litres in an hour. Some models are more efficient than others, some have quicker recovery rates, and some have longer warranty periods. Models are available for internal, as well as external installation.

Master Gasfitters also offer an alternative to the storage systems... the range of Continuous Flow or Instantaneous Hot Water Systems.

These units have no storage capacity, but heat the water as it passes through, meaning that you never run out of hot water. They are also available with well recognised brand names such as Rinnai, Bosch, Rheem and Dux. Continuous Flow units are generally more efficient, compact and controllable.

You can use optional control panels in the home to set the desirable water temperature.

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